Together with Báchoo design studio, Burfa developed a new image version of the website. An interactive WebGL installation was created for it. It consists of elements of the Burfa logo; each reacts by changing its angle in response to the user's cursor approaching. The installation elements are set in motion by a gyroscope in the mobile version. All this symbolizes the company's inextricable link with the ever-changing external business landscape.

In addition, the installation changes its appearance into static compositions that symbolize the company's core values.

[square] Honesty is the best policy
Burfa is an abbreviation of the toponym «Burkina Faso,» the homeland of honest people. It is consistent with the company philosophy: they adhere to the principles of absolute transparency with all their stakeholders.

[line] Reliability is the key to trust
While the company prefers having all the cards on the table, they guarantee absolute confidentiality and safety regarding sensitive information. Their clients, investors, and employees can be 100% sure their private data remains safe and undisclosed.

[assembling] Go somewhere new to get somewhere new
To be one step ahead, you always have to start before you are ready. Burfa dove headfirst into eight different industries and built powerful businesses. Their secret to success is having reliable and like-minded people in their team.
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