O/Modernt (Swedish for 'Un/Modern'), created by violinist, conductor, and artistic director Hugo Ticciati, merges old and new to highlight connections across various times, cultures, and peoples. This innovative approach, emphasizing art as a medium for connectivity, required a fresh visual identity and innovative visual communication strategies to further its distinct message.
Innovatively reimagining O/Modernt's visual identity, our design captures the essence of merging the old with the new, mirroring the organization's unique approach to art and connectivity. The refreshed logo, a blend of realistic pencil graphics and linocut, combined with stylized black and white imagery, embodies the fusion of different times and cultures. This is complemented by bold, assertive typography, underscoring O/Modernt's forward-thinking and inclusive vision, bridging diverse times, cultures, and peoples through the universal language of art.
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